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Job: Safety and Security Officer 1 / Safety and Security Officer Trainee

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Jobing Description


Safety and Security Officer 1: SG - 12 / $41,080 - $50,422
Safety and Security Officer Trainee: Equated to SG - 9 / $35,049 - $43,233
Negotiating Unit - NYSCOPBA

Additional monies are paid for:

* Pre-shift briefings.
* $750 annual facility security pay, and
* Some employees may be eligible for $626 annual inconvenience pay.

Open to New York State Employees

Transfer Opportunity:

Safety and Security Officer 1/ Safety and Security Officer Trainee:

Candidates must be permanent in this title and eligible for lateral transfer;


Be eligible for transfer via Section 70.1 of the Civil Service law.

Candidates must possess or obtain a valid class D Motor Vehicle Operator’s license, be at least 18 years of age, have a high school or high school equivalency diploma issued from an accredited public or private school recognized by the New York State Education Department, (Diplomas issued through a home study course and not by an appropriate educational authority are not acceptable) and be physically able, as determined by the Employee Health Service Section of the Department of Civil Service, to perform the activities and tasks of this class.

As a Safety and Security Officer Trainee, you would be required to satisfactorily complete a comprehensive one year training program. During this period, you would be trained to protect persons and property, prevent and detect crime, conduct investigations, search for and eliminate contraband, and maintain peace and security in a State agency, facility, or community residence. While serving your traineeship, you might be assigned on a fixed or rotating basis to mobile or foot patrol, dispatch desk post, fire post, or fire and safety inspections. In these assignments, you would utilize computers, cameras, fingerprinting equipment, and complex alarm systems; operate emergency vehicles; and transport staff and patients on and off premises. You would complete incident and other written reports, may testify in court or at other hearings, and conduct basic fire and safety training to other employees. In addition, prior to the end of your traineeship, you would be required to satisfactorily complete Academy Training mandated by the Municipal Police Training Council, as well as any other training mandated by law, rules, and/or regulations.

As a Safety and Security Officer 1 you will patrol and inspect facility buildings, grounds, and equipment to monitor and ensure environmental health, to handle all safety and security issues, instruct employees and individuals about emergency fire and safety practices and procedures, and prevent the endangerment of patients and individuals with disabilities, employees, visitors, and property.

Indicate the Title and Location of the position you are applying for. Qualified and interested candidates should apply to:

Human Resources Department
Buffalo Psychiatric Center
400 Forest Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14213
Fax: (716) 816-2554
Apply by e-mail.

Please ensure your resume includes your current Civil Service title, grade level, appointment date to that grade level, and current work email address.

You are advised that, should you accept a job offer with this facility, you may be required to be fingerprinted and pay a $75 fingerprint fee.

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